Saturday, April 26, 2008

Open Wide! BZZZ...

Experimental Dental School
"Jane Doe Loves Me"
(Cochon Records)

Release date: May 13

Experimental Dental School specializes in a radical and improper kind of surgery. The guitar slithers and spurts. The keyboard spirals out of control. A man shouts, then a woman coos. The drums constantly stray from the standard boom-chuck. Eventually, the very idea of rock 'n' roll is torn asunder. And even sludge monsters playing Napalm Death covers with Casiotone keyboards couldn't have done better.

It's no surprise that this trio, with three full-length albums under its belt, originated in Japan and now hails from Oakland, California. Japanese legends like Melt Banana specialize in blistering clamor, while Bay Area stalwarts like Deerhoof focus on intricate songcraft. Experimental Dental School traverses both ends of the spectrum, yielding spectacular results.

This review appears in the upcoming issue of the New School Free Press.

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