Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Great Gary Will Sail!

From Rob Buchanan, skipper of the New School's boat-building team:

"On Friday, April 25, weather permitting, students in the "Lang on the Hudson" boatbuilding course will launch the fruit of two semesters' labor: a 26-foot Whitehall gig, a rowing and sailing vessel specifically made for
exploring the waters of New York Harbor. All are welcome to join in the procession. It begins at about 9:30 AM on 14th Street between Fifth and University Place, where a window in the Albert List Building (65 Fifth Avenue) will be removed to permit the gig's 'extraction.' Students will then roll the boat down 11th Street, with a brief stopover at Lang at around 10:30, and on to Pier 40, at the end of West Houston Street. After a noon launch the boat will take up residence in Pier 40's Village Community Boathouse alongside the Quixotic, the gig built by last year's Lang on the Hudson class. The new boat has yet to find a name; to suggest one, or for more information, please contact the class at"

Indeed, we've just about finished crafting our 26-foot, 7-plank, wine-glass transom Whitehall gig. Now we've just got to paint her up and then name her. Here are the suggestions so far:

Girl Power (Mostly)

Calypso III
John Wesley Harding
The Great Gary
Cheb Homar Gahsh
Cruising Bruiser
Dr. Yes
Slow Ride (Take it Easy)
Love Gets Dangerous
Uh Oh, Love Comes to Town
PB and Pray
Unemployment Ahoy!
Jetsam Lewis
Avast You Twice Already
Q train
Arabian Nights
Mill Rock Island
Wallabout Bay
Ship of Secrets

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"All hail, Liberia, hail!"

“I believ
e that Liberia is a sacred nation, called by God to a great work for Africa, for the Negro race, and for humanity." - Nathaniel R. Richardson

While writing a paper on the Liberian national anthem, I happen across this precious performance

Daniel Bashiel Warner, the man that gave us the words, "All hail, Liberia, hail!"

Composer-pianist Olmstead Luca wrote the strangely "Oh, say can you see"-reminiscent melody.