Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, us humans are destined for a long future, aren't we? I wonder when the constant fear will set in among us, fed by the gory, coordinated explosions that will engulf marketplaces and clubs in Europe (and, eventually, in the United States) for years to come.

Hardly two days after the British police find two BMWs packed with gas canisters, nails and explosives, Scotland faces its own seemingly random act of violence. I know it is rash to decide outright that these were all directly inspired or even planned by Al Qaeda. But Al Qaeda can benefit from any terrorist attack abroad, because these attacks are the seeds of fear. And terrorism is all for instilling fear and fomenting instability among the living.

Keep your head down--there's a long road ahead.

Time to Talk

To Canadians, Pakistan's Prez Pervez Musharraf and the leader of Germany's Social Democratic Party, the possibility of negotiations with the Taliban are enticing. Afghans feel the same, considering that nearly four hundred civilians died there this month. In May, the Afghan Senate even passed a bill to create a ceasefire and to instigate talks. And, apparently, the government has already gotten on the talks.

Maybe this quest is quixotic, but I'm still looking know who these Taliban are. If NATO negotiates with local fighters, how are their goals different from an international, volunteer suicide force? Tell me!!!