Monday, February 23, 2009

My musical doppelganger rears its ugly head


"My name is Jonas!" -Weezer

Ever since I hiked through the Mission Valley showroom with my mom before moving to New York City to start college five years ago, I've always hated Ikea. The labyrinth of home supplies, flat pack furniture and jars of lingonberry jam (labele
d "IKEA FOOD") in Red Hook was no less disorienting and exasperating. But once I reached the section of desks and workstations, I felt content. That's where I found this concoction of particleboard and beige, ersatz-wood veneer: starkly practical, big, and ideal. Writing this here feels like therapy.


I've been meaning to write an entry about this - for that matter, I've been meaning to write about a lot of things - but writing has become practically impossible. All I have by way of desk space at home is a cramped particle board desk burdened with impractical cubby holes, plus a metal folding chair, rusty and blue. My Macbook is crippled and sputtering - its battery is fried, the keyboard has gone mad, the CD-rom drive is broken, and a series of USB hook-ups (external hard-drive, external CD-rom drive, external mouse, external keyboard) keep it on life support. The act of sitting down to read a single article, or to write a single sentence, is torture. If I was dead and hellbound, I would probably be condemned to spend eternity writing a novel in this very room. This week, I'm going to melt the folding chair into a concentrated ball and fire it into the sun. I will tear the panels of my desk to pieces with my bare hands, drink the blood that spills from my veins in order to revitalize my spirit, and huck the chunks like silver Frisbees to the moon. I will conjure a tornado inside my room; it will sweep up all ill elements and carry them into the stars. I will consult with Harmonia to make a new room. In the mean time, I will tell you this from my work desk:

Some good friends of mine run a record label called the
8088 Record Collective, and a song of mine went onto the collective's latest two-disc compilation, The 8088 Record Collective Compilation Vol. III, which features 22 fantastic tracks by musicians and bands from across the United States, namely Arkansas, Texas, North Carolina and New York. To learn more, check out this informative infomercial.

To hear more of my music, check out the
Two Eyes Meet Myspace page. To obtain a copy of The 8088 Record Collective Compilation Vol. III, e-mail me or visit 8088's page.