Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Embarrass Your Children

In my childhood, I would always pity the poor little saps that were dressed up in the same clothes as their siblings, because their parents had some silly idea that this would make them look "darling." Needless to say, I would dread the possibility of one day finding myself dressed in the same shirt as my brother'S. Thankfully, this only happened once, when we wore matching oversized John Deere t-shirts to a distant family friend's wedding.

Thankfully, my parents never heard about the Bailey Boys. Making children match is this company's speciality. The customers are thrilled because their sets of matching Bailey Boys outfits can last for generations. "We take pride in consistently hearing from our customers that several children in a family have been able to wear the same Bailey Boy outfit over the years and it continues to withstand many washings and still looks great," the Bailey Boys clothing company website says. Enduring that kind of treatment, for me, would be a special kind of hell.