Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As of 11 p.m. tomorrow, if both legs of my airborne adventure keep on track with the time-stamps of my online itinerary, I will be in San Diego. It's been a long haul, this semester. I've discovered a lot of new things about myself - for instance, that I have become a hopeless workaholic. Even now, free from the burden of any school responsibilities, I am making a mental index of all the shit I have to get together, all the ducks I've got to line up, and all the pages I've got to write before May 2008 comes around.

All the same, I've been doing hardcore research on YouTube. So far, I've managed to compile a list of selections that anyone could enjoy:

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" gets the Bollywood touch.

Van Hammersly's brand of edu-tainment.

"The Goofy Movie" from a David Lynch perspective.

Every video on YouTube that features Tom Waits.

Finally, my absolute fave: new developments in the world of gabber.

Now, off to happy hour. Then, to San Diego!

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Hilary said...

I'm a little upset about that Goofy Movie thing- I can't believe someone did that to one of my most precious childhood memories. Where did the 90s go?