Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hellfire and Providence

My dad, his fiancee, her daughters and their pets all had to evacuate Rancho Bernardo early Monday morning and escape to a Holiday Inn near the infamous Qualcomm Stadium part-time emergency camp in San Diego. The fire is under control in their area and they returned home yesterday. Destruction is rife, but their house was largely untouched. There were some hot embers and a lot of soot. And the winds blew a tree on their front lawn over. "The tree fell the only way it could so as not to block the street and not allow fire trucks through and not land on our house," Lori Moncayo, my dad's fiancee, wrote over email. "Amazing."

Here are some pictures Lori took. The first picture is the fallen tree. The second is a devastated cul de sac. The third is a half-eaten trash can. The fourth is a very unhappy family.

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