Friday, October 5, 2007

Enough, Already! "Enhanced Interrogation" is Torture

"This government does not torture people. We stick to U.S. law and our international obligations," said the President of the United States, George W. Bush, to reporters in the Oval Office today.

"It is a policy of the United States that we do not torture, and we do not," Dana Perino, a White House spokeswoman, said.

There we have it--the United States government has incorporated Military Police into interrogations, sodomized prisoners and thrown them into underground cells with putrid water when they were not charged with a crime, encouraged interrogators to make detainees stand up for hours at a time and adopted KGB-style techniques originally designed to train U.S. Special Forces to withstand being interrogated and tortured, but the United States does not torture.

Let law be the judge.

Eventually, plenty of U.S. government officials will have to face up to their own assertions and go on trial at the International Criminal Court. Since some occupy the highest ranking positions of American government, it won't be difficult to track them down.

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Nadia Chaudhury said...

it was ridiculous when the article quotes some officers who wondered whether certain combinations of torture were legal or not. imagine having to think about about that. jeez.