Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've been looking at some blogs from Burma--otherwise known as Myanmar, the name this country was given by a military dictatorship in 1988--over the last few days. The sights are gruesome. But I think it's great that people from across the world have offered support to the bloggers and people of Burma, be they links to proxy servers or words of support. Even Jim Carrey posted a video on YouTube about Aung Sanh Suu Kyi, then another appealing to viewers to write an email calling for UN action. This song dedication is also great.

Some pictures are beyond gruesome, like this one. Tear gas, rubber bullets, even batons are brutal, but sometimes, at the very least, journalists and other observers are able to use gas masks. It is tyranny when the military uses live ammunition and beatings so savage that heads are smashed. In that case, you have to wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.

UPDATE #2: Thank God for the internet--where the world can express solidarity for the protesters and hold Myanmar's regime accountable.

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