Thursday, January 4, 2007

To make up for last time...

I'll tell you a little bit about Gary Karp, Hint Hint, and something else...

Gary Karp
• Loves everyone
• Hates no one
• Brings people together

Hint HInt
• Beguilingly hIpster dance-rock band circa 2003-present.
• "Harry's Ass Is A Picnic," from "Sex is Everything" is a great example of really good bands getting away with playing repetetive guitar and bass lines. The reverb-drenched Du-Du-Du-Du-Da-Da-Da-Da guitars and solid, fitful drums, almost skeletal, are still cathartic in a decidedly cool, hep-cat sorta way.

Joy Division
• Oh, now here's a classic.
• In "Dead Souls," from "Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box"--the entirety of which I lifted from a friend at school==they employ metallic, strolling guitars, a polite bass line that follows along, and a hammering, retro-tribal drum beat. Oh God, and after a long build up, of course in comes Ian Curtis, his mesmerizing call adding timbre to what becomes a droning dance number.
• Note about the box set: I recommend you check it out, because, like myself, you probably never knew these bands existed.

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